The Best Louisiana Grills – Buying Guide

For a great grilling experience, this grill has everything you need. It’s the best on the market because it’s cheap, big enough to cook, rugged, and has some decent extra features.

This cooking master has an amazing cooking room of 900 square inches, which lets you cook up a storm for a big barbecue party in the backyard! It’s 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit temperature range plus the open-flame grilling option allows you to do a lot of cooking-from baking to grilling, broiling, searing, smoking, slow cooking-name it, on this grill you can cook it! It also offers the distinctive, woody scent to your food that makes it even more tasty and mouthwatering. To assist you in cooking It has a digital temperature control centre for your meat to perfection, which you can set in 5 degree increments. It also comes with a meat probe that can be programmed to a certain temperature, plus when it’s finished, set the grill temperature to go down.

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Louisiana Grills 61220 Kamado BBQ

For keen grillers, this Kamado grill is a reliable choice. Although it lacks some advanced digital controls, with its great slider feature, it is a great price, effective, durable and it is really easy to clean away any mess.

The best slow-cooked flavour is provided by this classic Kamado BBQ Ceramic grill from Louisiana. This grill has 567 square inches of cooking space made of a high quality ceramic shell, a wooden handle and side shelves. Its ability to retain heat for a longer period of time helps the process to save time and charcoal. It is ideal for family dining, simple to use and doubles as a smoker, slow cooker and grill. For temperature control and accurate cooking, it also has a built-in lid thermostat. Among the lower-priced choices, this kamado grill is a great choice for beginners as well as experienced cooks and barbecue enthusiasts.

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This barbecue is everything you can picture coming from a typical barbecue. With lots of features, great temperature options and even a digital control centre, it is a true country smoker. What’s more, it’s not costly!

The Country Smoker is your traditional open flame broiler that, in most backyard barbecue parties, typically takes centre stage. It has a cooking area of 570 square inches, a bottom shelf for storage purposes, and caster stands and two wheels for mobility, made from heavy duty stainless steel. The grill lights up with an automatic ignition, and the digital controller will control the cooking temperature. A meat probe that can be set to your ideal temperature also comes with it. It can carry up to 12 lbs of wood pellets for added taste and flavour that gives your food that smoky aroma. Compared to similar cigarettes on the market today, its price of about $1000 makes it generally affordable.

If you need to cook in batches for lots of people on a regular basis, then this is a group grill. Although the heavy duty construction and direct flame cooking are a little more costly compared to those on the market, they are great features.

If you love to throw big neighbourhood parties, then this one is for you! The Whole Hog of the Country Smoker has a total cooking area of 1700 square inches. That means that in just one sitting, you can cook a hundred burgers there. The two-sided grill offers you the option of cooking on both sides of two different products, a unique feature that comes from an intense production process. There are distinct temperature control panels with their own meat probes on each side of the grill. Side plates also offer you the option of searing an open flame with meat. For example, if you want to cook a large batch of burgers, you can easily remove the divider and feed a crowd using all that cooking space. If you want to be the life of the party, this heavy duty smoker is definitely a must-have!

Louisiana Grills Backyard Pro with Smokebox

Not only does this grill come with grilling and smoking, you can even smoke cold, offering you a great range of flexibility. There is also a wide temperature range and digital controls on this grill, making it a solid pick.

This Backyard Pro, aside from the regular grilling and smoking, goes the extra mile with its cold smoking feature. Dream of cheeses, sausages, bacon and fish! With the addition of this cool smoke box on your Louisiana barbecue, the possibilities are endless. The grids are made of porcelain-coated cast iron and have a cooking area of approximately 914 square inches, including a detachable top rack. Plus, an extra 1558 square inches of space is provided to you by five more racks on the cold smoke box. That’s a lot now! Additional features include adjustable temperature sensors, a thermometer built in, and a meat probe that helps you to cook your meat without worrying about overcooking it. With its amazing features and cooking choices, this smokebox certainly gives you bang for your buck.


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