The Best Masterbuilt Propane Smoker – Buying Guide

Best overall – Masterbuilt MPS 340/G ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker

The most recent propane smoker out of Masterbuilt was redesigned and features a lot of new capabilities. The most exciting new feature is that the thermostatic temperature controller that regulates the flow of gas into the burner and offers you a more precise temperature for smoking. There is also the smaller 330G version which can help save you a tiny bit of cash. We’d advise getting the bigger XL version, particularly in the event you anticipate smoking complete packer briskets or racks of ribs. You may cook anywhere between 180 to 350°F that’s ideal for slow and low. You might even become hot enough for crispy skin when cooking chicken.

There’s a sensor that shuts off the flow of gas when it finds that the fire was extinguished which is a great safety feature and particularly helpful on a windy day. The only stainless steel burner sets out 15,7500 BTU using a heat diffuser over the burner to distribute the heat more evenly. The chip tray was mounted on the door that’s a smart touch also makes refilling chips fast and simple. The build quality is high, everything feels hardy like the door latches that keep all sealed tight.

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What we enjoy:

  • Thermosatic controller for more exact temperatures — Contrary to a great deal of propane smokers which use cheap thermometers, the MPS ThermoTemp utilizes a thermostat mounted in the rear of the toaster to speak to the burner system that allows for more exact and stable temperatures.
  • LP gas tank and gas gauge — The gasoline tank attaches to a mount on the smoker on the other side, making it effortless to maneuver the smoker about. The gas gauge allows you to make certain you will not run out of gas in a cook.
  • 2-door accessibility — Should you have to get into the chip tray you’ll be able to start the lower door without dispersing your cooking meals. The processor tray is connected to the doorway, making it rather easy to refill.

That which we do not enjoy

  • Short guarantee period — One year guarantee that doesn’t cover rust or paint is on the brief side, particularly considering other cheap brands such as Pit Boss are currently offering 5 decades.

There is a window to the door so that you don’t need to start the cooking chamber to check out your food.There are just two locking caster wheels (and just two regular wheels on the opposite side) so it’s easy to maneuver the smoker all around your deck.The Masterbuilt MPS 340/G contains all that you need in a home made smoker; lots of space, fantastic security features, and also the patent-pending controller management.

Runner up – Dyna-Glo 36″ Vertical LP Gas Smoker

There is the double door method that we constantly recommend so it’s possible to get into the wood chips without even opening your own cooking room.The temperature control is much like the Masterbuilt smoker, using a 15,000 BTU burner, electronic ignition , and controller dial in the base of the smoker.

What we enjoy:

  • Big smoker box — What you do not understand in the event that you simply compare the amount of square inches of cooking area, is just how significant that the width of this smoker is. In cases like this, it’s broad enough to fit huge parts of meat.
  • Water dish & processor easy to get — Due to both door design it’s easy to create your water or wood chips through a smoke.

That which we do not enjoy:

  • Can battle in chilly weather — In chilly and windy weather that the Dyna-Glo can fight to strike slow and low smoking temp, even though this may be fixed by putting hi-temp gasket material round the doorway.
  • Inaccurate built in thermometer — This is how it is with all these smokers, you’re better off buying an excellent double breaker unit. This propane smoker is not constructed with the maximum grade materials, and you’ll find some smoke leaking outside the doorway.

Nevertheless, it is excellent value for money and will find the work finished.This is an excellent first smoker to find out on.

Best Budget Propane Smoker – Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker

Cuisinart is well-known for generating kitchen appliances, which means you may be amazed to learn that they sell a remarkably common propane smoker.The plan is like another vertical cabinet design smokers we have looked at. You get two doorways so it is easy to add water and wood chips throughout a cook.Contrary to the first two smokers we have looked in, the Cuisinart COS-244 includes a three year guarantee.

What we enjoy:

  • caliber materials and straight forward meeting — All components are sturdy and directions are simple to follow and installation
  • ought to Tight seal on the door — Even though it is normal to observe a little bit of smoke leakage, the twist-lock doorway is quite solidly constructed.

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That which we do not enjoy:

  • Water and excursion tray layout — The dimensions and position of the water bowl along with processor tray can block heat and oxygen from increasing and cause chips not to light.

It’s possible to leave the water reservoir vacant and then fill it after the chips are all lit. Get the latest cost on Amazon.

Best portable – Masterbuilt MPS 20B Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker

There are not a great deal of choices in regards to portable propane smokers. That is astonishing considering propane is ideal for a tailgate or skillet. , though Masterbuilt assert it’s possible to fit up to 4 hens or 2 racks of ribs.The racks are on the other hand, thus a complete rack of ribs would have to be cut to size to match.You may need your 1Lb gas cylinder. It is also possible to purchase an adapter hose to conduct a 20Lb cylinder.

What we enjoy:

  • Holds temperature nicely — To get a smoker of the size it appears to hold temperature nicely.

That which we do not enjoy:

  • Tiny water bowl and processor tray — The comprised pan and chip tray are so modest you’re much better off putting a disposable aluminum pan in the base for water, also purchasing a 12″ pellet tube to place alongside the burner to create smoke.

If you do not mind having some hacks like including a pellet tube along with your water tray, then this is an excellent small smoker to take camping.Get the latest cost on Amazon.

Best large propane smoker – Smoke Hollow 44 Inch Vertical Gas Smoker

Read our complete inspection .This double burner out of Smoke Hollow packs 7 cubic feet of cooking capability to some 44 inch perpendicular toaster.You get two regular grids, two jerky design grids, and a single mix grid/rib rack.

This unit will not drink a reasonable quantity of propane, however, so if you’re simply likely to be smoking the occasional pork butt and do not have to feed a large set you should probably look at another choice.It is also possible to simply use one burner if you would like to get very low temperatures of about 125°F.Concerning building, this can be a thick, sturdy unit. The doorway is on the side, but that is normal for many vertical smokers such as this.Both stainless steel burners (11,000 BTU each) let you reach your target temperature immediately This device comes with no window should you would like.

What we enjoy:

  • Dual processor trays — Though the smoker only has 1 door, both timber chip trays could be opened without opening the primary space to prevent temperature reduction
  • Strong construction — This smoker is enormous.

That which we do not enjoy:

  • Leakage at door — The juices were leaked in the holes of door.


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